I’ve watched two videos which are related to the environmental situation in the world. The first one “Environment – protecting our habitat resources” tell us about the most urgent problem we should find a solution for is how to feed 10 billion people to avoid an environmental catastrophe. These days the temperature soars above the average that it is a feature of irreversible climate change and global warming. The scientists start a big research project in order to find alternative energy sources, which will conserve and save energy. They elaborate eco-friendly design for different products, which will help to change our ways towards nature.
In the second video “Seed communities: Eco-village Experiments Around the World” we can see an interview with Professor Karen Litfin from the University of Washington. She’s working on such serious disasters as deforestation, climate change, pollution and so on. Karen did intensive research in 14 …
The Dark Side of Tourism
1)         We used to take some days off and unwind through traveling all over the place. We usually go to the flourishing capital, vibrant city or vice versa, to the remote area with unspoilt nature in order to discover remarkably diverse of architecture, traditions and so on. However, we didn't think about influence, which we made in local areas. Sometimes we considered the downturns into the local economy and some others effects of tourism, but we didn't think about the dark side of it.

     One of those sides, as for me is a loss of privacy. Spending time in guesthouse, time-share apartment or in youth hostel doesn't mean, that you stay at your place, you usually go to different restaurants, cafes, pubs, go touring the town, go on an excursion or just laze around etc. It causes a great influence on locals. They realize that their town is no longer there, due to your movements. The other side is a local economy. Of course, some income is in tourism…
Media. Keep Calm And Live a Healthy Life!
Hi, everyone! In this morning edition of our magazine, I want to keep public informed about latest news in our University as usual. So today, we have the front page dedicated to Recreation- the event where sports are combined with entertainment.
It was held the 8th June 2017.As the news develops, we detected that there were lots of reporters, journalists, correspondents. The departments were represented by 6 teams. Students, who took part in it, won a lot of praise for the participation. I also want to make the point that our students demonstrated that they are physically strong, fit and active.

I also was a part of my team and I should say that this event had a significant impact on us, really.
But today I’d like to share with you results of my exclusive interview with one more participant of our team- Yulia Sukhodolska is ready to let you in on a secret what was behind the scenes: -Yulia, rumour has it that you didn’t feel worried before the comp…
Her story.
“Let us always meet each other with the smile, for the smile is the beginning of love”. -Mother Teresa.
     These days we don’t live in the peace, we have to fight for our life because of the horrors of war. And as for me, one of the greatest examples is Mother Teresa, a person who assists everyone in peacekeeping. She had a commitment to peace all her life. She was a peace activist who devoted her life to serving the poor and destitute around the world.      “By blood, I’m Albanian, by citizenship, an Indian, by faith, I’m Catholic nun. As to my calling, I belong to the world. As to my heart, I belong entirely to the Heart of Jesus.”      She led a campaign of the peace process and launched the Missionaries of Charity, a religious congregation devoted to helping those in great need.      In 1982 when the army went into action at the height of the Siege of Beirut she rescued and guarded 37 children trapped in a front-line hospital by brokering a temporary cease-fire between Isr…
Money talks
     Game “Spent”- is a good preparation for different life circumstances. I had to keep track of my outgoings and I couldn't afford many things. During the game, I was on a shoestring budget while I needed to take care of my child and pay off all the debts. It was very difficult to live when money is tight and sometimes I needed to make cutbacks. I tried to save up money as much as possible and I didn’t use any services that come at a price. I was really surprised how it’s difficult to make ends meet when you have only $1000 per month.      Therefore, this game helps me to understand that money doesn’t grow on trees and I should be careful about my spending.
My fakebook : https://www.classtools.net/FB/1036-k9sTTW

Lots of students have a healthy appetite but can’t find the time to keep up on their healthy diet. Usually, they have a quick snack between classes or exams and can’t come to a right decision, concerning their “healthy lifestyle” It’s difficult to cut down on consuming junk food with food additives because these products are reasonably priced. As a result, their sedentary lifestyle can cause an eating disorder, overeating, and even heart disease.
Many of them understand all drawbacks of the lifestyle and that’s why they begin to have a burning desire to overcome obesity and lose weight fast. For example, if you want to keep the body in fit I recommend taking up vigorous exercises, such as sit-up, push-up, or just jogging. In addition, you can easily burn calories up in this way.
It would be wisely to start consuming organic food and refreshing drinks, which are nourishing. And I strongly advise you not to skip meals and to have hearty breakfast, make sure that you s…
Travel agency “Étoile”    I had a blue- collar job 2 years ago but I realized that I don’t get any satisfaction and I decided to hand in my notice.  Nowadays it is difficult to be unemployed, so that’s why I came up with a solution and set up my own company. Firstly it was a daunting task, but then I mastered new skills, started work closely with other companies, which had a good knowledge of it and was always on the go. And all in all, I did my best and had what it takes.
A travel agent's role is to help people plan, choose and arrange their ideal vacation. They will usually work to a budget, set out by whoever is planning the holiday. The first-rate professionals also offer advice and opinions on where to go, local tourist attractions, events and customs.
The working conditions in our company are excellent. A career in tourism is a promising,up- and – coming and rewarding job. Our employees receive bonuses if they are good at using their own initiative and put forward new ideas. …